Efforts are being made for educating the children belonging to the under privileged members of our Society and towards that end the following is being done by Samiti:


  • SAI VIDYA NIKETAN- FREE EDUCATION TO THE POOR AND UNDERPRIVILEGED: - A charitable primary School functions on the first floor on the Mandir. The school is recognized by U. P Government and imparts free basic education from KG to 5th standard. Students are not charged any fees and are provided with free books and stationery, Notebooks, School Uniform, Mid-day-meals etc.


  • ADVANCE FREE EDUCATION TO THE POOR: Students Passing 5th Standard from our School are imparted advance education upto 12th Standard by getting them admission in any of the school in Noida in 6th Standard. All expenses towards their education are fully borne by the Samiti.


  • EDUCATION ASSISTANCE TO POOR STUDENTS IN OTHER SCHOOLS: Scholarships are provided to academically brighter students in other school in Noida. Such education assistance is being provided at present to the tune of Rs.4 lac.


  • VOCATIONAL TRAINING: Apart from primary Education, Vocational Training Classes for boys and girls in various fields such as tailoring , basic computer education & candle making and yoga classes are conducted in the Mandir.


  • MID- DAY-MEALS TO POOR STUDENTS: Mid-day-meals are provided to about 2500 students atudying in various school in and around Noida.

  • PRIMARY& HIGHER SUBSIDIZED EDUCATION:- Children from economically weaker sections are admitted to our Recognized primary school, Sai Vidya Niketan.

    Our Primary school imparts education to ove 250 children.

    The children are provided with school uniforms. We provide them, breakfast, mid-day-meals and all necessary aids for their classes at the school.

    There are over 12 teacher posted at the school. Employments to them and other expenses at the school are borne by the Society.

    To impart Higher Secondary Education to deserving students from economically weaker sections, we pay school fees directly to the related Higher Secondary School. The number of students being helped under this scheme is 36


Computer Course - A Basic Necessity


After seeking a comprehensive Training for six months at ShriSaiSamiti, Sector 40 Noida, Twenty Two Aspirants (12 boys and 10 girls) all hailing from the poor and underprivileged strata in Aghapur, Barola, Sadarpur, Bhangel villages, appeared for Basic Computer Course Examination on 31.01.2014.


The duration of the Examination was 2.30 Hrs. The question paper (MM 100) containing 20 questions (both objective and descriptive) was specially designed to evaluate the overall understanding of the subject, student’s enhanced awareness and ability to put the knowledge to fruitful use in his/her work life. The students wrote the paper with utmost earnestness and devotion.


Most of the students are studying in various classes ranging from 6th to 10th. There was one student who could not continue his studies after 5th standard long ago and is presently working as an apprenticeship assistant with one electrician to support his parents. He can understand, read and write very well. After the Exam was over, the earnest efforts of the student were discussed and appreciated by all present and he was advised to appear for Tenth Standard examination as a private candidate.


Wishing Good Luck and all the best to all the students.

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