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Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. -Malcolm X

At Shri Sai Samiti Noida, we are committed to uplifting the underprivileged. We believe that every child has the right to education… And the right education can make them self-sufficient and responsible citizens to develop a bright future and fulfilling life ahead. With a compassionate and determined team, we strive to provide free education to the underprivileged, with emphasis on overall development.

Through our charitable school Sai Vidya Niketan, recognized by the UP Government, we impart free basic primary education to students without any fee. Shri Sai Samiti Noida cares for each student alike and provides them with everything they need, from free books and stationery to school uniforms and nutritious mid-day meals.

Shri Sai Samiti Noida currently runs Sai Vidya Niketan on the first floor of our temple. However, we aspire for more children to reap the benefits of free education, transform their lives, and give them a better future.

To extend this activity and establish a sacred space dedicated to education, we have procured a suitable plot of land in Sector-2, Greater Noida. We aim to build a Senior Secondary School to provide holistic education and vocational training to the children in the neighboring villages.

The estimated project cost for Phase I is Rs. 15 crores. This includes the planning of a 75000 sq. ft. school building and site development for the entire plot. The Phase II includes the construction and development.

With your goodwill and support, we can create a lasting impact by educating and fulfilling the dreams of thousands of underprivileged children who deserve a better future.

So, join hands with Shri Sai Samiti Noida today and help us build the foundation for a better tomorrow for those who need it the most. Together, we can rise by uplifting our younger generation to dream and lead the future.

Give the Gift of Education to Those Who Need it Most

You can show us your support through

Classroom Donation

Donate a classroom and spread the joy of free education today!

Rs. 25.0 Lakhs

Help us develop a safe space to make studying fun for children by donating a classroom. The children will always remember your kindness as we permanently etch your name into our School Archives and annual publication and on the classroom you donate. We also invite you to attend our annual school function to personally witness all the lives you change.


Board Name Donation

Gift free education and impact young lives today!

Rs. 10.0 Lakhs

Help us lay the foundation of free education for underprivileged children by donating for their future. We will never forget your generosity. To mark your support as a milestone in our history, you’ll be given a special place on our Donation Board and in our School Archives and annual publication. To express our eternal gratitude, you will also be invited to our annual school function.


Support our mission for free education today!

Rs. 2.5 Lakhs

Help us build the dreams of thousands of young children by donating to transform their lives. Your kind gesture and support will permanently remain with us in our School Archives and annual publication.


Support Free Education and Ignite Change

Rs. 1.0 Lakhs

Help us build the dreams of thousands of young children by donating to transform their lives. Your kind gesture and support will permanently remain with us in our School Archives and annual publication.


Support Our Cause and Make a Difference Today

Rs. 0.5 Lakhs

Help us build the dreams of thousands of young children by donating to transform their lives. Your kind gesture and support will permanently remain with us in our School Archives and annual publication.


Your donations are tax exempted under 80G of Free Education & 360o life changing to words future Indian citizen the Indian Income Tax Act.

Our Educational Program

Efforts are being made for educating the children belonging to the under privileged members of our Society and towards that end the following is being done by Samiti:

  • SAI VIDYA NIKETAN- FREE EDUCATION TO THE POOR AND UNDERPRIVILEGED: - A charitable primary School functions on the first floor of the Mandir. The school is recognized by U.P Government and imparts free basic education from KG to 5th standard. Students are not charged any fees and are provided with free books and stationery, notebooks, school uniform, mid-day-meals etc.

  • ADVANCE FREE EDUCATION TO THE POOR: Students Passing 5th Standard from our School are imparted advance education upto 12th Standard by getting them admission in any of the school in Noida in 6th Standard. All expenses towards their education are fully borne by the Samiti.
  • EDUCATION ASSISTANCE TO POOR STUDENTS IN OTHER SCHOOLS: Scholarships are provided to academically brighter students in other school in Noida. Such education assistance is being provided at present to the tune of Rs.4 lakhs.
  • VOCATIONAL TRAINING: Apart from primary Education, Vocational Training Classes for boys and girls in various fields such as tailoring , basic computer education & candle making and yoga classes are conducted in the Mandir.
  • MID- DAY-MEALS TO POOR STUDENTS: Mid-day-meals are provided to about 2500 students studying in various schools in and around Noida.

Primary & Higher Subsidizen Education Children from economically weaker sections are admitted to our recognized primary school, Sai Vidya Niketan.

Our Primary school imparts education to over 250 children.

The children are provided with school uniforms. We provide them, breakfast, mid-day-meals and all necessary aids for their classes at the school.

To impart Higher Secondary Education to deserving students from economically weaker sections, we pay school fees directly to the related Higher Secondary School. The number of students being helped under this scheme is 36.

Construction Of School Campus!

Sai Vidya Niketan Shall be Equipped with the best of all modern facilities for providing the right environment for helping children to prepare themselves for securing a bright future while competing with the best of the convent educated children.

The School Building designed for creating the right environment for providing the children an interactive environment to help them upgrade themselves from their village like environment to the futuristic way of thinking

The School Building shall be designed as per specific requirements for around 2000 students for affiliation with CBSE, laid down in the relevant IS Codes and shall also have facilities that can be flexibly used in the post school hours for furthering the Society’s activities in the area.

  • The proposed site measuring around 2 acres.
  • Loacted in Greater Noida adjacent the main 60M road.
  • Built up area of around 1.6 Lakh sq.ft. area.
  • Single basement and upto 6 floors above ground
  • The Campus shall be designed for providing adequate outdoor learning and playing spaces.
  • Using minimal energy for reducing operating costs while providing a environment for futuristic learning.
  • Disabled friendly and designed with the latest codes for Health and Fire Safety.
  • Sustainable Green Building with Water recycling and Waste management facilities.
  • Interactive whiteboards are used in Sai Vidya Niketan.
  • Each classroom teaching will include green board and interactive teaching.

If you have any query regarding donation please mail us : or call us: +91 9650354533